Did something come up? Need to change something?

From time to time things change, life happens and plans have to be adjusted. Here is what you need to know should you need to change or cancel your reservations or bookings.

Reservation, Change & Cancellations Fees

  • A $12 reservation fee covers the cost of administering the reservation service. An additional $2 surcharge will apply to all transactions using the call centre.
  • Change and cancellation penalties are based on the type of site reserved. These fees are in addition to the reservation fee. 
  • Reservation, change and cancellation fees are non-refundable.
  • Depending on when a cancellation or change is made, penalties may apply. 

How to Change / Cancel Reservation

NOTE: Backcountry Camping and Recreation Hall reservations can be cancelled online or through the Call Centre. Changes must be made through the Call Centre


Available 24/7
When clicking the CHANGE / CANCEL button, you will be taken to our reservation site (different web site). 
You can return back to SaskParks.com at any time by clicking on the Sask Parks logo at the bottom of the page. 
Call Centre
Available 9am – 6pm (CST / SK Time) CST
7 days a week
1-833-7SKPARK (1-833-775-7275)

Do You Qualify for a Refund?

Refund Application Eligibility

Before proceeding to the refund application, review the following:  Important Notes:
  1. Before completing the Refund Application Form you must cancel or change reservation through our Online Reservation Site or Call Centre 1-833-7SKPARK (1-833-775-7275). 
  2. Under no circumstances will non-refundable fees including reservation, cancellation and change fees be refunded.
  3. Refund Application Forms must be received within three months of the departure date to be considered.
  4. Refund Application Forms are processed within six weeks
  5. Entrance to, attendance at, or use of a Saskatchewan Provincial Park, including the use of park equipment or facilities, carry risks of injury or loss or damage of personal property. Park users acknowledge and assume all risks, which may include lost, stolen, or damaged property, as well as personal injury to oneself or to any family members or guests. The Government of Saskatchewan and its officers, agents, and employees do not assume liability for any lost, stolen, or damaged property, or for any injury incurred while visiting Saskatchewan Provincial Parks. 


Refunds will NOT be given:

  • If wildlife (bears, cougars, etc.) or insects (tent caterpillars, ticks, etc.) are in the campsite/campground and/or damaged/destroyed personal property.
  • For weather (temperature, rain, snow, etc.) or air quality issues (wildfire smoke, etc.)
  • Because fire bans/restrictions are in effect.
  • For in-park conditions (unsatisfactory conditions, poor customer service, etc.). These requests for refund must be directed to the Park Manager.
  • For early departures, a maximum of two nights camping will be forfeited. (Exceptions - see Refunds below)
  • If expected or common park conditions trigger existing medical condition(s) (reaction to bee sting or asthma attack from campfire smoke, etc.) or if someone in the camping party gets ill but does not require medical attention.
  • For errors made on reservation by the reservation holder.
  • For stand-alone park entry permits (including entry permits that are lost or stolen, purchased for incorrect dates or with incorrect license plate numbers).
  • For minor vehicle issues including breakdowns, repairs or other equipment issues.
  • When a reservation cancellation or change falls within the penalty period.
  • When plans change due to arrangements falling through (childcare, pet care, getting called into work, etc.). 


Refunds will only be given:

  • For incorrect charges caused by technical issues on our Online Reservation Site.
  • When you are unable to enter campgrounds or access campsites due to natural disasters, road closures or other park-related emergencies.
  • For serious medical emergencies that prevent you from fulfilling the reservation.
    • These applications require a doctor’s note or proof that a member of the camping party was seriously injured or admitted to the hospital.
    • Dates on the medical note or document must coincide with the arrival date.
    • Where applicable, the permit holder must cancel or change the reservation immediately.
  • If there is a death in the immediate family.
    • Where applicable, the permit holder must cancel or change the reservation immediately.
    • (Immediate family includes: parent, spouse, child, grandchild, grandparent, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and any other relative permanently residing in the same household.) *Death of friends, distant relatives or pets do not qualify for refund.*
  • When the reservation holder or camping party member are in a serious motor vehicle accident that prevent customers from fulfilling their reservation. Applications require an accident report dated within the reservation time period.
  • For Winter Camping we will refund reservation and camping fees for unused nights (Nov 1, 2023 – Mar 31, 2024) if you cancel your winter camping reservation due to the following conditions:
    • When temperature reaches -26 degrees Celsius or below with wind chill during your scheduled stay in a provincial park; or
    • When you are unable to enter campgrounds or access campsites due to natural disasters, road closures (including travel not recommended advisories due to winter conditions as designated on the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline), or other park-related emergencies.