Feel the tug of the fishing line. Roast a marshmallow over a crackling fire. Spot some wildlife on a hiking trail. Reconnect with family, friends and nature. Summer or winter, Saskatchewan’s Provincial Parks have the space and the activity perfect for the vacation you'll never forget.

Each park or site provides an opportunity to experience a different part of Saskatchewan’s heritage, including the solitude of a northern forest, the comforts of a modern resort, or the experience of walking in the steps of those who came before us. 

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April 8: Blackstrap | Pike Lake, April 9: Break, April 10: Meadow Lake, April 11: Saskatchewan Landing | The BattlefordsApril 12: Buffalo Pound | Douglas | DanielsonApril 15: Echo Valley | Rowan’s Ravine | Makwa Lake | Bronson Forest | Lac La RongeApril 16: Cypress HillsApril 17: Duck Mountain | Good Spirit Lake | Greenwater LakeApril 18: Moose Mountain | Crooked Lake | Great Blue Heron | Narrow Hills | Candle Lake 

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