NOTE: Camping fees vary by service type and location. All fees are subject to change - All prices include taxes - Full payment for all booking categories is required at the time of booking (Visa/Mastercard). Reservation, change, cancellation and Call Centre surcharge fees are non-refundable.

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Watch for updates coming in 2021

2020 Annual Park Entry Permit

Park Entry Permit

To access any Saskatchewan Provincial Parks you will require a park entry permit year round. Annual park entry permits are a great way to ensure you can enjoy park offerings every season.

Charged on a per vehicle basis
$10 = 1-Day | $40 = Weekly | $75 = Annual

Seniors: If you are a Saskatchewan resident 65 or older (or turning 65 years of age anytime during the current year) and provide valid Saskatchewan identification:

  • You can receive a free daily or weekly park entry permit into a provincial park.
  • You can claim one free annual park entry permit if you have a seasonal campsite reservation in a provincial park.

Note: 2020 Annual vehicle entry permits are valid from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021; however, can be used as a courtesy entry permit until April 30, 2021 or until the 2021 annual vehicle entry permits are available in the parks.

*No refunds once a Annual Park Entry Permit has been issued.
Lost or stolen entry permits will not be refunded or replaced.



$42 Full Service
$32 Electric
$20 Non-Electric
$18 Economy* 
$20 Equestrian* 


$2,270 Electric
$1,220 Non-Electric
$960 Economy

Seasonal campers will require an Annual Park Entry Permit



$65 per night

Mongolian Yurt

$110 per night

   Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee
 Group Camping

Group Sites

(up to seven sites)

$120 Electric
$80 Non-Electric
$72 Economy

(8-12 sites)

$180 Electric
$120 Non-Electric
$108 Economy

(13 or more sites)

$240 Electric
$160 Non-Electric
$144 Economy

All fees listed are per night.
  Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee

Cannington Manor and Fort Carlton Admission

$4 Adult
$1 Youth (6-18 years) 
$9 Family
FREE Child (5 years and under)

  Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee
 Outdoor Pool

Swimming Pools

Cypress Hills | Pike Lake | Buffalo Pound

$5 Daily
$25 Weekly
$75 Full Season
$2 Daily
$2 Institutional Camp
$10 Weekly
$30 Full Season
$14 Daily
$70 Weekly
$210 Full Season

      Swimming Lessons: = $35 (can be booked through online)

    Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee

     Group Picnic

    Day Use Facility Rentals (Picnic Shelter/Rec Halls)              

    Pike Lake
    , Tipi Shady Lane Picnic Area  
    Can only be made up until two (2) days prior to scheduled arrival date at 6:00 pm CST. (e.g. a customer can book a shelter for Saturday up until 6 pm CST on the Thursday prior to arrival.)

    Recreation halls (Reserve directly through parks)

      Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee

    Changes or Cancellation

    Depending on when a cancellation or change is made, penalties may apply. These penalties are applied as forfeited Camping Fees and are non-refundable. 

    • If you change your reservation to a different Saskatchewan Provincial Park - it is considered a cancellation. 

    • Cancellation and change penalties are outlined in Reservation Changes or Cancellation Fees

    Refunding camping fees will be considered if:

    • The customer attempted to cancel their reservation or notified Saskatchewan Provincial Parks of their circumstances

    • There are grounds for a refund - see Refund Application Eligibility

    The Refund Application Eligibility criteria provides guidelines for what constitutes a refund.

    At the park:

    • Once you're in the park, with the permit for your site and choose to leave early - you will lose the cost of up to 4 remaining camping nights.

    • Once you’re in the park

      - refund requests should be directed to park management.