This page lists some of the rules and regulations in place at Saskatchewan Provincial Parks. These rules are in place for the benefit and safety of our natural environment, wildlife as well as our guests. Always remember to respect our parks, and leave them as you find them, and if you are lucky enough to see wildlife - stay back!

A complete listings rules are outlined in The Parks Regulations, 1991, as well as The Parks Act.

Also see Seasonal Camping Terms & Conditions

At the Park
Alcohol / Recreational Cannabis
Pets, Birds and Wildlife
Vehicle Park Entry Permit
Reservation Changes or Cancellations

At the Park


Camping Unit: Tent, tent-trailer, camper, camper-truck/van, camping trailer or motorhome. (No mobile homes or bunkhouse trailers)
Campsite: The area of land that your Campsite Permit was purchased to use.
  • All camping units/equipment and personal items must fit within this area
  • If your name is on the Campsite Permit, you are responsible for keeping campsite maintained
  • Keep clear of all food, garbage and securely store items that attract wild life

Check-in: 2 pm
Check-out: 12 noon (Camping unit and personal property must be removed by noon on your departure date)

24 hours a day is quiet time, violators be charged
Park Watch: 1-800-667-1788 


Limit of one (1) camping unit on each campsite

  • One (1) additional small tent for dependent children and one (1) screened tent are also permitted (if campsite size permits)
  • Additional small tents for dependent children may be allowed at the discretion of the Park Manager

Camping unit must be on campsite within one hour of receipt of camping permit
All camping units and vehicles

  • must be legally registered
  • must display current/valid license plate

Limit of six (6) people per campsite for non-immediate family groups (Immediate family: Parents / guardians with children under 18 yrs.)
Lights: Maximum of 12 CSA-approved patio lights (one string) or one (1) section of rope lights per campsite
Keep major appliances inside for your camping units original construction
Tarps: As long as they do not create safety concerns within the campground, tarps are permitted (max 400 sq. ft. / 37.16 m2)
Vehicles: Maximum of two (2) vehicles and one (1) watercraft at each campsite at any time

  • All vehicles must display a valid Vehicle Park Entry Permit (See Fees)
  • All vehicles must be parked on defined campsite parking pads, roadways and parking lots
  • Visitors park in designated visitor parking areas where available Consecutive bookings not permitted in same maximum stay campsite

Self-contained propane/gas barbeques, fire pits and heating devices: Must be CSA approval, and should be set up on level bare soil or gravel/sand clear of vegetation.

Generators: Permitted (intermittently) in campgrounds without electricity

  • Between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm
  • Must be off when the campsite is unattended

Waste: Dispose of solid waste and waste water in provided sewage system or receptacle

  • Park users may not remove any sign, facility, turf, rock or the whole or part of any flower, plant, shrub or tree
  • Propane or other non-wood burning portable barbecues are acceptable for cooking purposes

Decks: Removable ground level decks/landings will be permitted upon approval of the park supervisor or designate. (max 80 sq. ft. / 7.43 m2)


Only permitted in park supplied fire pits and barbecues
Firewood provided at no cost
Keep fires small - Forest/grass fires are always a risk

IT IS AN OFFENCE to remove firewood from the park.


Transport Canada's rules and regulations prohibits the use of drones in areas near people, buildings, vehicles and animals. These federal rules apply to all areas within Saskatchewan provincial parks.

May be allowed ONLY with permit issued by the park manager 
For legitimate purposes such as: 

  • scientific research
  • search and rescue
  • law enforcement
  • trail management
  • marketing and promotions

Alcohol / Recreational Cannabis

Alcohol and recreational cannabis are permitted within your campsite in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks, unless restricted by a Minister’s Order*. (Campers must be 19 years or older)

*May long weekend restrictions


  • Non-camping guests to campsites must possess and display a valid Vehicle Park Entry Permit
  • Visiting hours: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm 
  • Campsite Permit holders are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their family and guests and must assure permit conditions and regulations are being met
  • Everyone must observe all campground regulations and conditions
  • No rowdy behaviour or excessive noise permitted at any time

Pets, Birds and Wildlife

  • Pets are welcome in all Saskatchewan Provincial Parks (exceptions: public structures, beaches or in swimming areas)

    • Owners are responsible for pets behaviour at all times
    • Keep pets quiet
    • Keep pets from damaging property in park
    • Pick up after your pets immediately
    • Keep pet on leash at all times (Not to exceed two (2) meters long)
  • No bird feeders permitted in parks
  • Respect wildlife, and keep your campsite clean of items that may attract wild life
  • Securely store food

Vehicle Park Entry Permit

  • All visitors must possess and display valid Vehicle Park Entry Permit. (No refunds once an entry permit has been issued)
  • Lost or stolen Vehicle Park Entry Permit will not be refunded or replaced.   
  • Vehicle Park Entry Permits are FREE for Saskatchewan residents 65 or older (or turning 65 years of age anytime during the current year). 

    • Only available at the park
    • Saskatchewan Identification required (health card/valid driver’s license and vehicle registration)