- fun on the snow!

Get out of the city and slide into our winter wonderlands – on your skis, skates or toboggans. Snowshoe through our forests, cruise down the epic toboggan hills, or skate our lakes. We promise to show you a whole new side of a Saskatchewan winter.

Activities across Saskatchewan


Do you like curling? What about Crokinole? Then we have you covered with Crokicurl! You can try your hand at this winter sport every weekend by the Rec Hall. Offered during park operating hours, first-come, first-serve. Rocks will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day.

Provincial Park Location / Details Region
Pike Lake
By the Rec Hall Central

Ice Fishing
A popular Saskatchewan winter activity, catching fish through an opening in the ice on one of our many provincial parks lakes (Make sure the ice is thick enough!)
Provincial Park Location / Details Region
Makwa Lake * Northern
Meadow Lake * Northern
Buffalo Pound On barrier-free trout pond Southern
Cypress Hills Loch Leven & Cypress Lake Southern
Echo Valley Echo & Pasqua Lakes Southern
Rowan’s Ravine Hosts an annual ice fishing tournament  Southern
Saskatchewan Landing  Along the shores of Lake Diefenbaker  Southern

Ice Skating
Provincial Park Location / Details Region
Pike Lake
On the canal located behind the Rec Hall Central
Echo Valley
Skate the Park: through Aspen campground Southern

Park Activity Kits (P.A.K.s)

Grab your outdoor or indoor Park Activity Kit (PAK) from Administration Offices or Entry Gates. These self-use kits will take you and your family through a variety of fun activities!

What is it?

  • Pre-made activities to help inspire outdoor adventure safely
  • Activities include crafts, historic and cultural, campfires, astronomy, and the popular SaskParks Survival Series modules

Cross Country Ski Trails
Park / Rec Site Trail details Region
Great Blue Heron Anglin Trails: 20 km
Valley View Trail: 6 km
Murray Point Campground Trail: 2 km
Lac La Ronge

Nut Point Campground Loops:

  • (Skiing only) Loops 3 & 4, and main road: 4 km
  • (Multi-Use Trail) Loops 1 & 2: 1.2 km

Don Allen Ski Trails: 20+ km
Saskaloppet Trail: 27.5 km

Makwa Lake Alder Trail: 2.7 km Closed
Birch Trail: 5.2 km
Pine Trail: 3.0 km
Poplar Trail: 1.9 km
Spruce Trail: 0.8 km
Meadow Lake Haymeadow Trail: Various distances all signposted Northern
Blackstrap Cross Country Ski Loop: 5 km Central
Duck Mountain Front 10: 3.1 km
Jack Rabbit Junction: 0.9 km
Fire Tower: 5.8 km
Ski Hill: 10 km
Woodchuck: 0.75 km
Batka Major: 5 km
Rundle Lake: 13.2 km
Sergeant Lake: 3.3 km
Moose Lake: 5.6 km
Tamarack: 5.2 km
Bruno's Way: 0.6 km
Good Spirit Lake TCT-Great Trail: 14 km (approx) Central
Greenwater Lake Hawkins Small Loop #1: 3.7 km
Hawkins Trail #2: 6.3 km
Metoos Trail #3: 3.8 km
Wuche Trail #4: 5.5 km
Meota Trail # 5: 5 km
Yotin Trail #6: 7.5 km
Pike Lake Cactus Hills Main: 4.4 km
Cactus Hills Short: 0.4 km
Buffalo Pound Maple Vale Loop: 0.75 km
Shady Lane Connector: 0.9 km
Shady Lane Loop: 0.89km
Maverick: 3.1 km (Multi-use)
Nicolle Flats Trail: 3 km (Multi-use)
Valley Trail: 1.5 km (Multi-use)
Cypress Hills

The Big Loop: 4.7 km
The Medium Loop: 2.3 km
The Small Loop: 1.4 km (currently closed - downed trees)

Echo Valley Trail Head Connector: 2.0 km
Coyote Connector: 0.7 km
Coyote Trail: 2.1 km
Fox Trail: 1.9 km
Jackrabbit: 2.4 km
Moose Mountain

Fish Creek Campground:
You can make it as short or as long as you like (trails go up and down all streets in the campground)

Academy Trail: 3.84 km loop
Whitetail Trail: 3.0 km one-way
Scott-Ray Trail: 9.4 km loop
Scott-Ray Alternative Trail: 2.5 km (using the alternative trail would make the Scott-Ray Loop a 10.1 km trail)

Corral Lake Trail: 6.2 km loop
Jabe Lake North Trail: 8 km loop
Stirrup Lake Trail: 12.4 km loop
Pipeline Trail
: 4.7 km loop

Wascana Valley Nature Recreation Site
 * Southern
White Bute Trails
Recreation Site
 * Southern

Snowmobile Trails
Also see sasksnow.com
Provincial Park Groomed Region
Candle Lake 38 km Northern
Great Blue Heron 15 km Northern
Meadow Lake 81 km Northern
Narrow Hills 112 km Northern
Duck Mountain 100 km Central
Good Spirit Lake 3.6 km Central
Greenwater Lake 100 km Central
Cypress Hills Southern
Moose Mountain 93 km Southern

Snowshoe Trails
Provincial Park Region
Good Spirit Lake Central
Pike Lake Central
Cypress Hills Southern
Echo Valley Southern
Moose Mountain Southern

Provincial Park Details Region
Duck Mountain

Toboggan hill & warm-up shelter

Buffalo Pound * Southern
Cypress Hills Toboggan hill & warm-up shelter Southern
Moose Mountain

Groomed toboggan hill


Need to know a bit more?

Winter Safety - Dress for the weather with Jay Brown, AKA SaskHiker


Fishing License - Know Before You Go

A valid angling license is required to fish in any Saskatchewan lake. Anglers will need to create a Hunting, Angling and Trapping (HAL) identification to purchase a licence. This is a one-time requirement. You can purchase your licence through any one of the following methods:

  1. The online hunting, angling and trapping (HAL) licencing system

  2. Any Saskatchewan fishing licence issuer;

  3. Select provincial park offices or at the Ministry of Environment;

  4. By phone at 1-855-848-4773 (8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Saskatchewan time)


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Winter Safety - Dress for the weather with Jay Brown, AKA SaskHiker


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