Occasionally due to extreme fire hazards, the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport will issue restrictions on open fires in provincial parks and recreation sites.

During Fire Restrictions or Bans:
Self-contained, CSA-approved portable gas heating devices and fire pits, barbecues, pressurized stoves and charcoal briquettes will be permitted for cooking and heating purposes at park discretion for the duration of this ban. The campfire restriction order will stay in place until conditions improve and the restrictions are lifted. 

Support fire suppression efforts. If you see a fire, report it by calling Park Watch toll-free at 1-800-667-1788. In an emergency, call 911.

Fire Restriction

Fire restrictions are in place in the following provincial parks and recreation sites:

  • There are currently NO restrictions!

Fire Ban

There are currently no fire ban's in effect in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks

  • Information about provincial fire bans can be found HERE
  • Municipalities, and regional or national parks may also have burning restrictions in place within their jurisdictions. Please check with local authorities to see if these apply in your area or where you plan to travel.