Some of the best beaches in Canada!

Dig your toes into the sand on one of Sask Parks beautiful beaches while the waves gently ebb and flow along the shoreline. From natural beaches to purple sand beaches, you’ll want to kick back on the sand for an afternoon of relaxation in the sun at one of our provincial parks. 

Good Spirit Lake

Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park was named by Maclean’s Magazine as the home to one of Canada’s Top 10 Beaches. You won’t find a better beach in the province and you might even get a chance to see Good Spirit’s beautiful purple sand during the summertime. The sand is soft and the water is warm, so hop right in!

Candle Lake

Well known for its long sandy beaches, crystal clear water and abundance of wildlife, Candle Lake Provincial Park is a premier destination with year round opportunities for all to enjoy. Splash and play in the shallow waters and sandbars at the Waskateena Beach. For those with a boat be sure to check out the purple sands beach, the sand truly is purple due to particles of granite that is pushing up from below. A site worth seeing.

Moose Mountain

A trip to Moose Mountain Provincial Park’s beach is an experience that’s sure to impress. With a newly-paved beach parking lot, the trip is now easier than ever! Located on the shores of Kenosee Lake, the park offers a long section of soft sand and lush lawns for laying your blanket on. Step into the water and float under the sun while taking in the scene of islands across the lake. Before you go, stop at Alison’s Park Store for an icy treat to cool off.

Rowan’s Ravine

There is much to do at Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park on one of Saskatchewan’s largest natural beaches. Grab an ice cream from Mama Bear’s Den and lay in the sun while the lake’s waves swish and swoosh beside you; visit the Wild Waves Waterpark and slip n’ slide on Saskatchewan’s first open-water water park; then kick off your sandals and feel the sand squish between your toes as you stroll along the sandy point. In the evening, sit around a beach barbeque and watch the sun glimmer across the lake as it lowers toward the horizon.