Get lost in one of Sask Parks’ lush green forests and instantly connect with nature

Look up to see the tall trees towering above or change your perspective and take in the incredible view from an elevated look-out point. The variety of diverse ecosystems throughout the parks’ forests will have you captivated as you explore amongst the trees. 

Meadow Lake

A designated natural environment park, Meadow Lake Provincial Park remains largely undeveloped in an effort to protect the ecosystems that exist in and around the area. With more than 1,600 square kilometres of lush boreal forest, the park offers new experiences from one visit to the next. Located within Meadow Lake Provincial Park, and spanning 135 kilometers through the backcountry wilderness of the boreal forest, the Boreal Trail is Saskatchewan’s destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The Boreal Trail takes adventurers through the heart of the boreal forest. Explore the trail on foot, bike or experience parts of it from the water. The memories you create on this challenging and remote trail will keep you coming back.

Cypress Hills

The natural environment of the Cypress Hills Provincial Park, nestled in the Southwest corner of the province, is unique in Saskatchewan. Towering lodgepole pines, white spruce and lush aspen make a visit to this park feel like a mountain getaway on the prairies. Explore the lush forests by hiking or biking the park trails, sign up for a horseback riding or Segway tour, or take in the view from above as you zipline from one lodgepole pine to the next.

Duck Mountain

Immerse yourself in the dense forests of Duck Mountain Provincial Park, home to roughly 130 km of trails suitable for recreational activities such as hiking, biking and horseback riding. Among these trails are the Pelly Point Trail, the Woodland Nature Trail and the Fen Trail, to name a few. The Fen Trail encompasses one of the most unique ecosystems in Saskatchewan; a calcareous fen. Along this trail you’ll find yourself under a green canopy formed by the trees, among unique carnivorous plants, and a landscape still influenced by glacial action from tens-of-thousands of years ago. The boardwalk running through this trail is guaranteed to provide the perfect setting for some Instagram-worthy shots!


Greenwater Lake Provincial Park is well-known for its extensive hiking opportunities. With more than 125 km of hiking trails and over 200 species of bird, all nestled within seemingly boundless deciduous and mixed-wood forested lands, Greenwater Lake Provincial Park is the place to be for an outdoor escape.