Sand Dunes in our Own Backyard

Saskatchewan is full of diverse landscapes, but none as surprising as the accessible sand dunes and sand cliffs in the Lake Diefenbaker area.

The Great Sand Hills

Location: South of Sceptre 
Time: Allow 2 to 3 hours for exploration 
Nearby:  Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, located approximately one hour south, is a dark sky preserve. Enjoy ziplining, great camping, hiking trails, Fort Walsh National Historic Site and much more. 
Where to Stay: Ghostown Blues, located just outside of Maple Creek, offers guests the option to stay in a cozy cabin or a refurbished sheep wagon  
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Beechy Sandcastles and Sunken Hill

Location: Approximately 35 km south of Beechy 
Time: Allow 1 to 3 hours for exploration, depending on your fitness level 
Nearby: Cruise Lake Diefenbaker with Prairie Lake Vacations, located at the Riverhurst Ferry Crossing 
Where to Stay: The Mainstay Inn, at Palliser Regional Park, offers cabin or motel accommodations. Palliser Regional Park also has a small, quiet campground.  
Learn more about the area here. 

Douglas Provincial Park Sand Dunes

Location: Trailhead is near the park visitor centre 
Time: Distance to and from the dunes is approximately 6 km, round trip. Allow 1/2 to 1 hour minimum to explore the dunes. 
Nearby: Danielson and Douglas Provincial Parks offer a variety of amenities, plus Elbow has a variety of restaurants, a beautiful view at the Elbow Harbour Marina and excellent golfing.  
Where to Stay: Camping at the park is popular, but if fixed-roof accommodation is more your style, consider Sarah’s Cove Condo Rental, which has an outdoor pool.  
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