White-tails, moose, bear and more

Saskatchewan is the mecca of white-tailed deer hunting, a dream location which produces more huge bucks than any other jurisdiction. White-tailed deer hunting is accessible in various locations around the province on both public and privately owned land.

There are virtually no areas without some population of white-tails, and different areas offer a variety of hunting experiences. If you plan to hunt from a tree stand, the forest fringe areas are ideal. If you are looking for more of a stalk, the parkland region of central Saskatchewan offers exciting challenges.

World Record White-Tail From Saskatchewan

Milo Hanson holds the world record for a white-tailed deer - now known as "The Hanson Buck" - shot November 23, 1993, on his farm near Biggar, SK. To learn more here.

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Tracking moose and bear

Moose and black bear hunters also enjoy excellent success throughout the northern forest area. These magnificent animals provide challenging hunts, frequently involving travel by boat and ATV into the most remote parts of the province. The Porcupine Hills, Cumberland Delta, Wapawekka Hills, Pasquia Hills, and Meadow Lake region are among many superb locations.

Getting there

Getting to the northern regions of the province requires some coordination, and you may prefer to make these arrangements through a hunting outfitter. North or south, an outfitter will be able to guide you to the province’s best hunting spots, for whatever type of game and experience you are seeking.

Choosing an outfitter

Regulations require non-Canadians to hunt bear, moose and white-tailed deer with a licensed outfitter, and non-Saskatchewan Canadian residents must use an outfitter to hunt moose. Fortunately for international visitors, Saskatchewan’s outfitting industry is renowned for providing quality hunting and superb hospitality. In every region of the province, you’ll find skilled outfitters ready to make your visit simple and pleasurable. The outfitter will handle the details for you, freeing you up to focus on enjoying your trip. When you choose your outfitter, be sure to state the particular needs and interests of your group. Your hosts will make every effort to make your stay memorable.

Resident hunters

Hunting to manage the numbers of antelope, mule deer and elk is reserved for residents of Saskatchewan. Most seasons are managed by computer-draw, although there are open seasons for elk in some areas. Residents can also hunt moose, black bear and white-tails on over-the-counter tags.

For more information, visit the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.