Snap and Share your Great Saskatchewan Photos

Explore Saskatchewan this summer and enter to win a $250 gift card from Don’s Photo, plus the Grand Prize. Enter your photos in these six categories: 

  • City Life – Photos that portray the community spirit and liveliness of Saskatchewan cities and towns, including cityscapes, nightlife, dining and urban scenes.  
  • Events and Festivals – Photos showing people brought together by festivals, celebrations and events taking place anywhere in the province, anytime of the year. 
  • Outdoor Fun – Photos capturing fun in the great outdoors – people enjoying their vacation, family gatherings or activities, such as boating, swimming, ice skating, skiing, golfing, biking, horseback riding, fishing and more.
  • Park Adventures – Photos of your best times spent hiking, camping and exploring Saskatchewan’s regional, provincial or national parks.  
  • Prairie Life – Scenic photos from prairie regions, showcasing the spirit of our people, as well as hidden treasures, such as valleys, hills and badlands, and other natural features displaying the province’s diverse geography in any
  • Woods and Water – Photography that reflects our parkland, boreal forest and lake settings. 

Contest closes September 15 - ENTER NOW!