Tourism Saskatchewan

Destination Areas

As you travel throughout Saskatchewan you would be amiss if you didn’t take the time to discover one of these three amazing destination areas. Each has its own unique personality - Cypress Hills; the place outdoor adventurers dream of, Lake Diefenbaker; the water recreation mecca and the Waskesiu Wilderness Region; the perfect spot to get back in touch with nature.  

The diverse landscapes of each of these destinations only adds to their allure. From conglomerate cliffs and lodgepole pine to soft sandy beaches and the lush boreal forest. There is so much to explore! 

Your vacation to each area can be as busy and fun-filled as you wish. Endless opportunities wait: hiking, fishing, horseback riding, ziplining, golfing - you name it and these destinations have it. Too much action for you? Scratch that and go with some more laid-back options instead like wine sampling at a local vineyard, relaxing in a 4 star resort, or a trip to the spa. Is roughing it more your style? You’re in luck, each location offers a wide range of campgrounds. 

Learn more about each destination and what it has to offer: