Tourism Saskatchewan


100,000 lakes, no waiting

What does Saskatchewan’s amazing array of 100,000 lakes mean for lovers of water-based activities such as swimming, sailing, fishing, boating, sunbathing, whitewater rafting, waterskiing, and houseboating? It means fantastic scenery and plenty of choice when it comes to location, amenities, and finding just the water-based vacation activity that you want.

Many of our most popular lakes form part of a regional, provincial or national park. Lakeside camping facilities abound, and nearby communities will welcome you warmly on your way to and from your Saskatchewan lake adventure.



Saskatchewan is also home to one of the most unique lakes in the world. Located near the Town of Watrous at Manitou Beach, is Little Manitou Lake. This lake’s briny waters are unique to the western hemisphere, possessing natural therapeutic skin and body care properties found only at a few places in the world, such as Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and The Dead Sea of Israel. Minerals found in significant concentrations - magnesium, carbonate, potassium, mineral salts, sodium, calcium, iron, silica, and sulphur – give the water a specific gravity of 1.06. This translates to a unique, impossible-to-sink buoyancy that helps relieve pressure on tired or aching joints. 

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