Great Blue Heron Provincial Park

Activities and Recreation

Water Recreation

There are two main lakes in Great Blue Heron Provincial Park: Anglin and Emma. 

There are four beaches located throughout the park. There are two on the Anglin Lake side - one at the Anderson Point campground and another at the Jacobsen Bay day-use area. There are another two at Emma Lake - one at the Murray Point campground and another at the Murray Point day-use area. 

Both the Jacobsen Bay and Murray Point day-use areas offer picnic areas, fish-filleting stations and more. Two boat launches are available: one at Jacobsen Bay on Anglin Lake and another just north of the Murray Point campground beach on Emma Lake.

There is excellent fishing on both lakes, and Anglin Lake is known for its exceptional canoe and kayak opportunities.


Jacobsen Bay at Anglin Lake offers exception hiking and biking trails, most specifically the Anglin Lake Fire Tower trail. Parts of this trail are challenging and steep, but the effort is worth the reward of an amazing view at the top.

Winter Recreation

Great Blue Heron is one of Saskatchewan's finest winter recreation destinations.

Cross-country Ski Trails

Great Blue Heron maintains 18 km of groomed cross-country ski trails on at Anglin Lake. Warm up shelters are available along the trail.

Snowmobile Trails

There are 50 km of snowmobile trails that wind between the many lakes in the area, including Anglin and Emma Lakes. Warm-up shelters and fuel stations are available. 

Other Amenities

Special events and interpretive programs are held throughout the summer.

There are a wide variety of other services near to and in the park, including accommodations, groceries, fuel, watercraft rentals and more. Visit our What's Nearby page for all of the details.

Dated: Jan 12, 2018