With more than 100,000 lakes, Saskatchewan is one of the world’s premier wilderness canoeing destinations. For thousands of years these waterways have been closely tied to the culture of First Nation’s People, which continues to this day. European explorers and fur traders later traveled them for commerce and discovery. The traditions of our earlier ancestors live on with today’s canoeist and kayakers. Whether you are planning to travel for a few hours or a few weeks, there is place to dip you paddle in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan’s waterways are home to abundant wildlife, picturesque campsites and excellent fishing opportunities. Many of the routes are heavily used so everyone is asked to minimize their impact on the land by applying the principles of Leave no Trace. In this way, the province’s wilderness will continue to provide wonderful experiences for many generations to come.

Saskatchewan Documented Canoe Routes

The Province of Saskatchewan documented more than 50 canoe routes that detailed start & end points, number of portages, length of trip, and features to note along the way. The waterways and landscapes described have changed dramatically over the years; but, the descriptions still provide a starting point for planning a canoe trip. Many of the portages have become impassible due to wind-blown trees, excessive undergrowth or simple lack of use. Water levels and canoeing conditions on many of Saskatchewan’s rivers and lakes vary from year to year, causing changes in the appearance of the various landmarks described in the Saskatchewan Documented Canoe Routes, as well as causing hazards not described in available literature.

It is the canoeist’s responsibility to thoroughly research the trip and to proceed with caution and alertness, using discretion and good judgment at all times. Helpful information is sometimes available from on-line blogs, personal websites and talking directly with people who have experienced the waterways. But even this information can change on a daily basis. Individuals with the companies listed on this site can provide good insight into your planned trip.

The information provided on this site is of general assistance only and the Government of Saskatchewan and the companies listed assume no responsibility for its use. Canoeists are reminded that they travel at their own risk at all times.

More Information on Canoeing in Saskatchewan

Canoe Saskatchewan provides information planning a canoe trip in Saskatchewan and researching historic and natural history.

Canadian Canoe Routes includes the Saskatchewan portion of a larger site that provides information on Canoeing in Canada.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area has an excellent guide to apply the principles of Leave No Trace to canoeing.


Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Country by Robin and Arlene Karpan

Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Trips: A Guide to 15 Wilderness Rivers by Laurel Archer

Canoeing the Churchill: A Practical Guide to the Historic Voyageur Highway by Gregory Marchildon & Sid Robinson

Lonely Voyage by Kamil Pecher - kayaking in northern Saskatchewan 1970s

The Lonely Land by Sigurd F. Olson - a classic book on the Churchill River

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