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Northern Winter

Dog Sledding in Northern Saskatchewan 

Winter Fun

When winter rolls around in northern Saskatchewan, the fun doesn’t stop…it’s just beginning! From snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, snow shoeing and ice fishing, northern Saskatchewan offers outdoor activities for all interests.

For local people, snowmobiling is a main mode of transportation during the winter months, but it’s also a fun way to get around. The thousands of kilometres of trails that are groomed in this area take riders through all sorts of terrains – from wide open lake trails to smaller forested trails - making this a snowmobiler’s paradise.

The area is also home to experienced outfitters that can make your dream of driving your own dog sled team, snow shoeing or cross-country skiing through the boreal forest, or catching that trophy fish through a hole in the ice a reality.

Excellent winter opportunities are easily accessible, as they are close to cities, towns and resorts. The cities of Prince Albert and Meadow Lake, the town of La Ronge, and  all season resorts such as Candle Lake Golf Resort and Elk Ridge Resort are surrounded by outdoor winter opportunities.