Tourism Saskatchewan

West Central History

Packed with History

West Central Saskatchewan is the land of Louis Riel, the Métis leader who led an armed uprising of First Nations and Métis soldiers against the Canadian government in 1885. Batoche National Historic Site preserves the memory of Riel and his cause. National and provincial historic parks at Fort Pitt, Fort Battleford and Fort Carlton offer insights into the fur trade, the struggle to establish law and order in the area, and the effects of settlement on the traditional Aboriginal way of life.

Museums and historic sites in many communities will take you back to the days when Plains Indians hunted with weapons of stone and flint, settlers lived in sod houses and blacksmiths pounded red-hot iron. Plan a trip to the Seager Wheeler Historic Farm, which interprets a century of change in prairie agriculture and tells the story of one of Canada’s most famed farmers, the "World Wheat King."

The Battlefords and Saskatoon both house fascinating Saskatchewan history at their respective branches of the Western Development Museum. In Saskatoon, follow the life of a Saskatchewan family settling on the prairies. See replicated cities from the booming twenties, then follow life into the depression era of the thirties. In Battleford, learn more about prairie farming and how we went from 10,000 farmsteads in 1900 to 214,000 farmsteads in 1914. In every corner of the West Central Region, history is alive, vibrant and accessible to everyone.