Unless you’ve snagged some weeds, it’ll be one of 68 different species of fish that inhabit the 100,000 lakes, rivers and streams of Saskatchewan. Click below to learn more about some of our most popular species:


Sometimes referred to as a pickerel, the walleye is the provincial fish of Saskatchewan, and a prized catch in North America.

Northern Pike

The Northern Pike, the most widely distributed sport fish in Saskatchewan, is considered one of the fiercest and most thrilling of all freshwater game fish.

Lake Trout

Saskatchewan’s only native trout is common to the cool, clear and deep waters in the northern half of the province.

Arctic Grayling

Preferring the cold, clear lakes and fast-moving streams of northern Saskatchewan, the Arctic grayling is a spectacular fighter, known to leap clear out of the water once hooked.

Rainbow Trout

The Rainbow exhibits a flashy and exciting fighting style when hooked, often including spectacular jumps and long runs.

Other Species

Brook trout, yellow perch, and 61 others!