Brook trout, yellow perch, and 61 others!

Brook Trout
Brook trout are highly prized by anglers. They are beautifully coloured with dark backs, red and blue spots and white bellies highlighted with orange fins. They prefer cool, shady areas including deep holes and places behind logs or rocks.
How to catch: Try a dry or wet fly or light spinners or spoons. Fly-fishing proves best during insect hatches from mid-June to September.
Average size: 0.5-1 kg (1-2 lb).
Record size: 3.5 kg (7.5 lb), Loch Leven, 2004.

Yellow Perch
Found throughout Saskatchewan, these attractive fish come in colours ranging from bright greens and golden browns to oranges and yellows. Their sides are marked with six to eight dark vertical bars. Anglers appreciate perch for their fine flavour and the possibility of large catches.
How to catch: Children can catch them easily using simple fishing gear - hook, line and bobber or light jigs and bait like grasshoppers, earthworms or leeches.
Average weight: around 250 g. (half a pound)
Record size: 1.11 kg (2 lb 7.4 oz), Pagan Lake, 1991.

Other Species
Other fish commonly caught in Saskatchewan include: brown trout, stocked in several waters of southern Saskatchewan; whitefish, widely distributed north of the North Saskatchewan River; sauger, found in the Saskatchewan and Churchill Rivers; and goldeye, found in the Saskatchewan River and Cumberland Lake area. Splake, a brook and lake trout cross, have been stocked in some Saskatchewan waters. Bass, burbot and others comprise the rest of the 68 species of fish in Saskatchewan’s waterways.