November 2010 SaskSecrets

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Welcome! You are viewing an archived issue of SaskSecrets, Tourism Saskatchewan's Online Newsletter, from November 2010. To read the current issue of SaskSecrets, click here.

Saskatoon Berry Trivia

Saskatoon berriesWhich of these fruits is the saskatoon berry most closely related to?

a) Cherry
b) Blueberry
c) Raspberry
d) Apple


d) Apple. Surprisingly, saskatoon berries are not related to blueberries, which they resemble. And, though they are thought of as berry, a saskatoon berry is actually a "pome" and closer to an apple in structure.

Saskatoon berries can be considered as one kind of ‘Superfruit’. The word ‘Superfruit’ refers to fruit which contains high sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, and act as a protective guard to our immune systems. And, they taste great!!

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