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Photos Day 2

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Tobogganing at Elk Ridge Resort and Dog Sledding with Sundog Sled Excursions

I took the short walk from Elk Ridge Lodge to the toboggan hill. There was a great set up there. A warm-up shelter you can build your own fire in and a shed full of inner-tubes to use on the hill. Also, the hill was much bigger than I thought it would be so it took some convincing myself to go down the first time. But once I took the plunge I survived and went down a few more fun!


That little black speck at the bottom of the toboggan hill is me. The hill was steep and had smaller hills/jumps throughout it, which made for an exciting ride. It was a long way back up to the top though, and I'm not as young as I used to be.


I was so excited to try dog sledding for the first time and even more excited to be doing it with Brad Muir and his business Sun Dog Sled Excursions.


Brad goes though an extensive check list before sending guests out on the trail. At the end he showed me a Sundog Sled Excursions motion sickness bag, which was "located in the seat pocket behind me." So funny...and no, I didn't need it.


Back from my ride. What a cool experience! Brad and his team took me through trails in the forest and across Anglin Lake. The scenery was amazing and I must say that taking it in from a dog sled was pretty amazing. It's so quiet out on the trail, all you hear is the faint sound of the dogs feet on the snow. As Brad puts it, "When mushing you can get lost or you can find yourself." So true... 


Ready to drive my own team...well, maybe someday.

I also want to add that dog sledding may seem like an exclusive activity to most, but it is actually very accessible and affordable in Saskatchewan. See the Sundogs Sled Excursion listing for more information. To quote Brad once again, "Long may you run." 


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