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Playing around the Resort and Ice Fishing

There are so many things you can do at Elk Ridge Resort. And, they make it easy. In the lobby of the lodge, you can rent snow shoes, hockey skates and sticks, and cross-country skies, boots and poles. This day I decided to try cross-country skiing.


A few steps outside of the lodge on my way to the marked cross-country ski trails I was literally stopped in my tracks by this group of elk. They were pretty happy to stay where they were, so I found a trail on the other side of the lodge.


Elk Ridge Resort from the back. I headed out on a trail next to the skating oval. I was a little rusty at first, but eventually I was feeling more comfortable.


The Resort's backyard consists of a curling ice pad, hockey rink, and a huge skating oval. I'm not a curler, but I gave it a try. It's not easy to curl alone, but I did my best.


Later this day I took the five-minute drive to McPhee Lake to try ice fishing. It was my first time, but with a little coaching I managed to drill my own hole. Then I had to clean it up and get ready for the fish to hit my line. Unfortunately, the fish never came, but it was still a great experience.



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