What the Symbols Mean

While perusing our accommodation listings, you will come across stars or symbols beside some entries. The stars refer to a given property's Canadian Star Quality rating, while the rooster symbol refers to accreditation by the Saskatchewan Bed and Breakfast Association.

Canadian Star Quality

Canadian Star Quality Accommodation is the new national hotel and motel rating system. By using the latest in online technology and by using objective, third-party ratings, Star Quality will change the way you plan your next trip. Research accommodations, read customer reviews, compare prices and make reservations, all on one website.

What do the Stars Mean?

The following are the star rating descriptions

Very basic services and lower quality; meets the minimum requirements
Basic services and facilities; acceptable quality
Limited services and facilities; good quality
Enhanced services and facilities; very good quality
Extraordinary services and facilities; exceptional quality

The “ ” designation indicates consistent, superior quality, amenities and services while maintaining the criteria for that particular star level.

How Are the Stars Assigned?

Participation by lodging establishments in Canadian Star Quality Accommodation is voluntary. Independent, third-party rating advisors inspect the properties and assign the Star Ratings based on standards for quality, services, amenities, facilities and condition. At a minimum, properties must meet strict requirements for safety, courtesy, cleanliness, comfort and state-of-repair. A higher Star Rating indicates an increased number and quality of services and amenities provided by the property.

Confirm the amenities and services provided in the listing and with the property when making your reservation. Food services may be on site or in near proximity.

Saskatchewan Bed and Breakfast Association

Accommodation properties that are accredited by the Saskatchewan Bed and Breakfast Association (SBBA)  are identified by a small black rooster symbol. To receive accreditation, these properties must meet standards for cleanliness and comfort, safety and hospitality established by the SBBA. Monitoring of properties is assisted through the use of guest comment cards, more than 96% of which indicate utmost customer satisfaction. Concerns are immediately addressed by the SBBA.

For more information, visit the SBBA or email bbsask@gmail.com.

Regional Park Accreditation Program

Each Regional Park is operated by a volunteer board. This board forms an "Authority" and enacts the bylaws and policies needed to operate their particular park. This also means that they are entirely responsible for every operational aspect of the park’s health, safety, cleanliness and maintenance. As a group, Regional Park Authorities have established a minimum standard for facilities and maintenance in each regional park.

The Park Authorities are committed to ensuring that their park meets these standards. When a Regional Park has provided the requested documentation and met the required standards to display the Accreditation Symbol, that Regional Park Authority is stating that they are meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Association, Health Region and are complying with all other regulatory bodies’ rules and regulations. This symbol means that the park will have, at the very least, the basic camping facilities available at their park for their patrons and that those facilities will be maintained to an acceptable standard with your safety and comfort in mind.

Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association Park Designation Categories:

  1. Family Recreation – offer a well-rounded family experience.  Amenities or locations will vary, but the choice remains with the patron on the level of the activities and the location.
  2. Unique Natural Setting – usually small parks with low density camping and are located in areas that offer a look at nature for patrons looking for that experience.
  3. Golf with Camping – these parks are predominately golf course orientated, but have a campground facility.
  4. Traveler/Local Recreation – are mainly located on a well travelled highway system in a smaller municipal setting and are predominantly used by the local residents for recreation, family gatherings, ball tournaments and group activities.  These parks generally have open campsites during the week that would fit perfectly with the travelers.
  5. Local Use Only - These parks tend to be used only by the local people for certain types of recreation or for family gatherings

For more information visit www.saskregionalparks.ca.