Lac La Ronge Cottage Information

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, located within Lac La Ronge Provincial Park is the oldest standing building in Saskatchewan, built between 1854 and 1860. It is the oldest wood-frame church west of the Red River, made from locally-cut and hewn timber. The church contains original materials including hinges, locks and stained glass that were brought from England. It was designated a Provincial Historic Site on August 26, 1981, by the Saskatchewan Government and is only accessible by boat.

A Letter From the Park Manager

Welcome to the 2023 Cottaging season in Lac La Ronge Provincial Park.

Are you selling or transferring your cabin?

A site inspection needs to be completed before the lease can be transferred to the new purchaser. The park requires notice prior to the paperwork being submitted to get this completed. Issues identified during the inspection may need to be rectified prior to the transfer. It is best to get the inspection request in early. Site inspection request forms can be found at

Please note: It can take up to 25 business days to finalize your lease assignment from when the park receives your completed paperwork.

Building on Your Leased Property?

Building permits are required for modifying or building on park land. An approved permit is required prior to any construction. This includes decks, sheds, additions, and new cabins. Building permit applications and information can be obtained online at or at the Provincial Park office in La Ronge.

Please note: Decks higher than 0.6 metres from the ground require railings that comply with national building code. Please ensure your decks and staircases have proper railings where required.

Cottage Lessee Park Specific Park Entry Permits

Each cottage lessee will receive two transferable Park Entry Permits specific to the park in which they hold their cottage leased property. For pick up after park office hours, please contact the office at 306 425-4220 prior to arriving. Only the leaseholder is allowed to pick up the entry permits; therefore, they must be named as the lessee on the provincial park lease agreement and must provide both personal identification and a signature. Park staff will also take the opportunity to verify your contact information to ensure our records are up to date. Please note that once these permits are picked up by the cottage lessee, they are considered received, no additional permits will be issued. The two issued transferrable Park Specific Entry Permits are associated with the lease and not the person; therefore, when transferring a lease please ensure these park specific passes are also transferred to the new lease owner as additional ones will not be issued.

Please remember vehicles within provincial parks are required to always display a valid entry permit throughout the year.

Anyone picking up Annual Park Entry Permits associated with a cottage property at a provincial park must:

  • Be named on the provincial park cottage lease agreement.
  • Update contact information with park official.
  • Provide personal identification.
  • Sign for the permits.

As in previous years, where non-compliance issues remain, Annual Park Entry Permits may be withheld by the Ministry until outstanding non-compliant issues have been resolved. Examples of this are (but not limited to): lease fee arrears, expired lease, pending assignment of lease (sale) or unresolved estate (one lessee deceased). If any of these circumstances apply to you, please contact the park office for assistance. These permits will be held in Regina - the Regina office will advance these assigned permits once compliance has been reached.

The Saskatchewan Senior Annual Transferrable passes will be available at the Park Administration office for pick up.

Foreshore /Shoreland Miscellaneous Use Permit

This permit is required for structures such as docks, stairways, and walkways built within the park. Cottagers are responsible for updating their permit info if new docks, stairways, or walkways have been installed to replace existing structures or if they no longer have the existing structures listed on their permits.

Tree Removal Permits

Free permits are available at the Park office for the gathering of dead downed timber for firewood and hazard tree removal on parkland. Please contact the Park office for a permit.

Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit

This permit is for any potential tree or vegetation removal within five metres of the water's edge, and/or any work that may be done along the shoreline or in the water within the park. This permit is obtained through the Water Security Agency. Applications and information can be obtained online at

Contact Information

As there are many cottage lessees without up-to-date contact information on file, I would encourage you to please contact the Park office to ensure we have your most recent email address and contact information as all correspondence from the park will be communicated via email.

All Provincial Park cottaging information can be found on the ministry website at

Park Office Location and Contact Info

The Lac La Ronge Provincial Park Office is located in the bottom floor of the Lac La Ronge Regional Visitor Center adjacent to HWY 2N in Air Ronge. Our contact information is below.

Natasha Merriman
Lac La Ronge Provincial Park
Park Office - 306 425-4220