Meadow Lake Cottage Information

Get out and enjoy the 135 kilometres of Boreal Trail at Meadow Lake Provincial Park, which spans through the backcountry wilderness of the boreal forest. The Boreal Trail is quickly becoming one of the premier hiking destinations in Western Canada for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Letter from the Park Manager

Dear Cottage Owners:

Spring has come slowly in 2023, but if we trust the Farmer's Almanac, it's going to be a nice warm summer!

2023 Water Quality Report

Below is a link to the 2023 Water Quality Report for Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

Septic Tank Testing

Septic Tank integrity testing is ongoing. Please contact Marj Matchee to coordinate this. As per the Cottaging Directives a septic tank integrity test is required every five years.

Highway 224 Construction

The Ministry of Highways is replacing culverts at two locations this summer-Highway 224 at Mistohay Creek and Highway 950 East of Murray Doell. The highways will remain open, but there may be some traffic disruptions.

Greig Lake Campground Paving

Paving is planned for Greig Lake campground this spring including the Greig North boat launch. This boat launch will be closed for a short period of time from late May to mid-June.

Cottage Lessee Park Specific Park Entry Permits

Cottage lessees may pick up their 2023-24 transferable park specific entry permits from the park office in which their cottage is located beginning May 15. Once cottage lessees have retrieved their permits, they are considered received and no further permits will be re-issued. If additional permits are required, cottage lessees may purchase a 2023-24 transferrable Annual Park Entry Permit from any provincial park office in Saskatchewan. The two issued transferrable Park Specific Entry Permits are associated with the lease and not the person; therefore, when transferring a lease please ensure these park specific passes are also transferred to the new lease owner as additional ones will not be issued.

Please remember that vehicles within provincial parks are required to always display a valid entry permit throughout the year.

Anyone picking up Annual Park Entry Permits associated with a cottage property at a provincial park must:

  • Be named on the provincial park cottage lease agreement.
  • Update contact information with park official.
  • Provide personal identification.
  • Sign for the permits.

Howe Bay and South Side Lac des Isles leaseholders can pick up their permits at our Pierceland office. All other subdivisions in Meadow Lake Provincial Park can pick up their permits at the Dorintosh Office.

Please call the park office to make arrangements if you need to pick up your permits after hours or on the weekend. Dorintosh: 306 236-7680, Pierceland: 306 839-6250.

As in previous years, where non-compliance issues remain, the Ministry may withhold Annual Park Entry Permits until outstanding non-compliant issues have been resolved. Examples of this are (but not limited to): lease fee arrears, expired lease, pending assignment of lease (sale) or unresolved estate (one lessee deceased). If any of these circumstances apply to you, please contact the park office for assistance. These permits will be held in Regina - the Regina office will advance these assigned permits once compliance has been reached.

More Cottage Information

Cottaging information can be found at this link:

Camping Unit Limits

Only one camping unit is permitted per lot and must be within setbacks as per cottaging directives. This will be enforced.

Garbage and Recycling Services

Shkopich Environment will continue to provide garbage and recycling services in the park. A pickup schedule will be provided and may be available on Shkopich Enviro's website.

Please do not call Shkopich directly if your bin is full; please call the park office and notify us.

Please “flatten” all cardboard that goes into the recycle bins. We found many bins were not actually full due to boxes not being flattened.

The recycle bins will not be emptied during the winter months. The expense is too great. If you cannot make other plans for your recycling during this time, we have a recycle bin located at the maintenance compound entrance across from the Dorintosh Administration Office that you can use.

Dock Permits

I encourage your subdivision to investigate the multi-slip dock option. This will lessen the impact on shoreline space and make the lake more enjoyable for everyone.

Each cabin is permitted to have one space (one side of a dock) we expect that all docks will be shared.

A cabin owner cannot hold/occupy a dock space if they do not own, or an immediate family member does not own a boat.

Dock space cannot be “rented or leased” by the owner.

Pet Complaints

Pet complaints continue to be an issue. Please remember pet owners are responsible to always control the behaviour of their pets. Please see the “Pet” heading for more information.

Firewood Storage

Some cottages have large quantities of firewood stored close to buildings. I recommend that all cottagers review the FireSmart booklet located here.

Dangerous Trees

Clean-up of dangerous trees is a major challenge and remains a priority. Over the last few years, wind events, winter storms, disease and insects have affected many trees. We continue to remove these trees as time and budget permit. If you do have trees encroaching on power lines, please advise SaskPower. Tree removal on the cottage lot is at the discretion of the cottage owner after you receive approval from the park office. There are specific requirements related to cutting vegetation on Park lands. Please contact the park office prior to cutting or removing any vegetation on Park lands.


Remember that these bins are for domestic household bagged garbage only - You are responsible for the appropriate disposal of electronics, mattresses, appliances, furniture, machines, etc. Please do not place them in or by the garbage bins.

Fish Offal Disposal

Fish offal must be disposed of at the filleting tables and not in the garbage bins. Please dispose of grass and leaves in one of the burnable sites provided for you. Do not put these into the garbage bins, as they are not accepted at the regional waste site. Please contact the Dorintosh or Pierceland offices to confirm the burnable site locations.


Recycling of materials reduces the volume that enters the landfill, and thus, the cost of landfill operation. Do your best to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Metals and appliances are being accepted at the Northwest Regional Waste Management Authority at Rapid View. Old electronics can be taken to SARCAN. Call Shkopich Enviro at 306 236-5200 the Northwest Regional Waste Management Authority at 306 236-4315 or Sarcan at 306 236-4420 for exact details.

Burnable Sites

Burnable sites are only for brush, branches, grass, leaves, and unpainted wood. Compliance at these sites has improved and I ask that this continues. Misuse of these sites results in additional costs for the park in both labour costs and in tipping fees. Please ensure that you respect these locations and use them appropriately. We ask that any misuse of these sites is reported to the park office immediately.

Spring clean-up week where Meadow Lake Provincial Park staff will pick up your yard refuse (brush and leaves - natural burnable materials only) will be done this year (June 12-16). Put leaves and yard waste in boxes or bags. Tree branches must be cut into short lengths and bundled, so they can be picked up by hand.

Foreshore Permits

Any alteration to the foreshore, as well as all boat docks and lifts, require a permit. If approved, shoreline alteration permits (Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit) are issued through the Water Security Agency. Foreshore permits for docks and lifts are issued by the Park. There is an annual fee for a Foreshore Permit. Docks are to be properly labelled. With only a limited amount of shoreline, sharing of docks or share multiple-slip structures is greatly encouraged. The shoreline is a public resource, and we ask that you do your part in helping to preserve the foreshore. When removing docks, boatlifts, etc. at the end of the season, please do so in an environmentally friendly manner to reduce vegetation damage. Docks shall be stored on the leaseholder's lot where possible. Contact Marj Matchee for more information.

Water Systems

The potable water that the Park provides to the public is tested on a regular (daily) basis. Should the system not maintain provincial quality standards, notification will be provided by posting a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory on all water points. Please follow the advisory if and when it is posted.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment requires that at least once each year, waterworks owner's provide notification to consumers of the quality of water produced and supplied, as well as information on the performance of the waterworks in submitting samples as required by a Minister's Order or Permit to Operate a Waterworks. The Annual Notice to Consumers for these systems is located at either of the Park Administration Offices. Feel free to stop by and have a look at the documents.

Park Enforcement

Park Enforcement would appreciate your assistance in letting us know of any concerns you see throughout the park. Should you witness an occurrence, call Park Watch at 1 800 667-1788 or 911.


SaskAlert is Saskatchewan's emergency public alerting program that contributes to the national alerting system being used across Canada called Alert Ready. The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport has trained park staff to issue alerts through SaskAlert. Saskatchewan Provincial Parks participation in the SaskAlert program will allow the public to be notified in real time when an emergency is occurring within the park. This system will provide residents, businesses and even those travelling through the area information to take action to protect themselves.


Pets are welcome in provincial parks but please be considerate of others by following these rules:

  • Owners are responsible for the care, control and behaviour of their pets at all times.
  • Under no circumstances are pets allowed to roam loose in a provincial park.
  • Pets roaming at large may be captured and impounded.
  • Promptly clean up after your pets.
  • Keep pets on a leash (not exceeding two meters in length) at all times.
  • Keep pets quiet and ensure they do not become a nuisance, danger or threat to the comfort or safety of any other person or wildlife.
  • Ensure that pets do not damage or destroy any property in the park.
  • Pets are not allowed in public structures, such as public washrooms, change houses, picnic shelters or concessions.
  • Pets are not allowed on beaches or in swimming areas.

Please Note: Failure to comply with any of these pet regulations could result in fines and possible removal/eviction of the pet from park lands.


All-Terrain Vehicle use is prohibited in provincial parks unless a designated trail exists. As Meadow Lake Provincial Park does not have any designated trails, I ask that you honour the legislation and refrain from using an ATV or UTV in the park.


Fireworks are not allowed in provincial parks unless under a permit for a special event and insurance coverage is in place. Rules for Fireworks in Provincial Parks are changing, please contact the park office for more information.

General Subdivision Information

Before proceeding with any lot development, please call Resource Coordinator Marj Matchee at 306 240-5241 to ensure that you are aware of the latest development guidelines and receive the proper approvals and permits. A Real Property Report is required for any new construction, significant building changes and when your lease is assigned through renewal or being transferred.

Meadow Lake Provincial Park is a Natural Environment Park, and we strive to keep the vegetation healthy for future generations. Off-lot storage of personal articles damages vegetation therefore; we ask that you keep your personal items within your lot boundaries. Off-lot storage of boat trailers and other items is not allowed.

Permanent Residency

A permanent resident in a provincial park is defined as one who resides in the provincial park six months or longer during any 12-month period or utilizes their dwelling at any point after the September long weekend or prior to May long weekend. If you, as a cottager, are utilizing your cabin through all four seasons and require annual services such as garbage pickup, snow removal and water, then you are considered a permanent resident - even if it is only used on occasional weekends. Services are provided at a cost and only those who are permanent residents receive these services year-round. If you fit into this category, it is your responsibility to apply for permanent residency by writing a letter to the Park Manager or by stopping at the park office and completing a Permanent Residency form.


911 Emergency Response service is available throughout Meadow Lake Provincial Park - ambulance response will be available at all subdivisions. The Park has signed agreements to respond to structural fires with the Goodsoil, Pierceland and Meadow Lake Fire Departments. The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (formerly known as Ministry of Environment's Wildfire Management Branch) staff are not equipped or trained to suppress structural fires, but will respond to the call and suppress a fire that has spread to/or from the forest. Call 1 800 667-9660 to report a forest fire. Be careful with any fire at your cottage.

Contact Information

Please ensure the Park office has your most recent email address and contact information as all correspondence from the park will be communicated via email.

I wish you a great summer at your cottage in beautiful Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

Stay safe!

Trevor Finlay
Park Manager - Meadow Lake Provincial Park
Dorintosh Office: 306 236-7680 Pierceland Office: 306 839-6250 Cell: 306 240-4513 Fax: 306 236-7679