Narrow Hills Cottage Information

Narrow Hills Provincial Park offers the greatest variety of fish species of any region in the province including walleye, perch and northern pike, fish for brown, brook, splake, rainbow and tiger trout. The thriving trout population is the result of an intensive fish stocking program. Deep, isolated lakes prevent the introduced species from mixing with native species.

A Letter From the Park Manager

Dear Lower Fishing Lake cottage owner,

The days are getting longer, and spring is in the air! We hope to have all park facilities fully open to the public by May long weekend. Depending on ice conditions, we also hope to have all docks installed by May long weekend.

Firewood Available

Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency has completed phase four of the fuel reduction work around the core areas of the park. Once again, the wood that has been stacked in these areas may be collected by locals for their own use firewood. Selling or bartering the wood is not permitted. Firewood must be gathered by hand only; no motorized equipment.

Dwarf Mistletow Pine

In March 2023, Parks Landscape Protection Unit completed a small project to control Dwarf Mistletoe Pine within the park. 16.5 ha of infected Jack Pine was removed near Shannon Lake with a section of larger Jack Pine left standing that has been designated for own-use firewood harvesting. If you are interested in obtaining firewood to be used at your cabin, please contact me and I will add your name to a list. It is estimated that there are 40 to 50 cords of green, standing Jack Pine to be removed. Amounts permitted will be dependent on the number of requests received. Other conditions will be outlined on the permit.

Yard Bins Available

The 30 cubic yard bin will be available by May long weekend, please do not place household garbage, paint, appliances etc. in this bin. Also, please do not place any demolition or construction materials in the bin; these items must be hauled out of the park to an appropriate landfill. The fees for this bin are directly charged back to the cottage owners, so please do your part to keep the costs low.

Brush Pile Access Available

The brush pile will also be available for yard debris and unpainted/untreated lumber. Please stop in at the park office for a key.

Septic System Integrity Testing

The Park will continue to conduct mandatory septic system integrity testing on cottage lot septic tanks this year. All septic systems must be tested a minimum of once every five years to ensure their integrity in an effort to preserve the soil, groundwater and lakes. To complete the test the septic holding tank needs to be full to the bottom of the collar or to a level as directed by the park official, the level is then recorded and re-recorded 24 hours later. An inspection of other elements of the septic system may also be performed. Pump outs are the responsibility of the cottage owner. Please contact the park office when your tank is full, so we can come and check it. In 2021, 22 tests were conducted, 16 in 2022 and one so far in 2023, for a total of 39 tanks out of 95 leased lots tested.

Building Permits are Required

A reminder that an approved building permit is required prior to placing any structures or making modifications to your cottage lot. This includes grade adjustments, building up any portion of the lot with fill and constructing or placing a shed of any size on the property.

Off-Lot Development is Not Permitted

Off-lot development or storage of any kind is not permitted, please keep your personal items within the boundaries of your lot.

Reduce the Risk of Theft

Many of you may have heard about recent break-ins and theft occurring in the park. Please be sure to secure your property at all times to help reduce the chances of reoccurring theft.

Cottage Lessee Park Specific Park Entry Permits

Cottage lessees may pick up their 2023-24 transferable park specific entry permits from the park office in which their cottage is located beginning May 15. Once cottage lessees have retrieved their permits, they are considered received and no further permits will be re-issued. If additional permits are required, cottage lessees may purchase a 2023-24 transferrable Annual Park Entry Permit from any provincial park office in Saskatchewan. The two issued transferrable Park Specific Entry Permits are associated with the lease and not the person; therefore, when transferring a lease please ensure these park specific permits are also transferred to the new lease owner as additional ones will not be issued.

Please remember that vehicles within provincial parks must always display a valid entry permit throughout the year.

Anyone picking up Annual Park Entry Permits associated with a cottage property at a provincial park must:

  • Be named on the provincial park cottage lease agreement.
  • Update contact information with park official.
  • Provide personal identification.
  • Sign for the permits.

As in previous years, where non-compliance issues remain, Annual Park Entry Permits may be withheld by the Ministry until outstanding non-compliant issues have been resolved. Examples of this are (but not limited to): lease fee arrears, expired lease, pending assignment of lease (sale) or unresolved estate (one lessee deceased). If any of these circumstances apply to you, please contact the park office for assistance. These permits will be held in Regina - the Regina office will advance these assigned permits once compliance has been reached.

Contact Information

Please ensure the Park office has your most recent email address and contact information as all correspondence from the park will be communicated via email.


Laurie Shymanski
Park Manager - Narrow Hills Provincial Park
306 426-2624