Bountiful Landscapes and Much More

Say "Saskatchewan" and many people imagine  beautiful patchwork fields. Half of Saskatchewan is covered in lush forest, one-third is farmland and one-eighth holds fresh water. Here are some unexpected outdoor adventures to add to your "must do" list. 

Take in the view from atop a waterfall
Discover a side of Saskatchewan you never knew existed as you feel the mist of a waterfall touch your face!
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Zip through the air

It's a bird! It's a plane! Actually, it's you, flying high through the sky via zipline. 
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White-water canoeing
Feel the rush of the rapids as you glide down a river and manoeuvre around rocky obstacles. 
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Whitewater on the Johnson River. #explore #exploresask #canoe #whitewater

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Hike ‘til your legs feel like noodles
Test your endurance as you trek through beautiful, challenging landscapes like the Valley of a Thousand Devils.
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Camp in the backcountry
Find the perfect spot in the wilderness, then set up camp.
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Bike trails that test your limits
Feel your heart racing as your pedal trails that cut through rolling hills, across rising buttes and into steep river valleys.
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