Breathtaking vistas in the Land of Living Skies

Sometimes Saskatchewan’s giant sky seems to be alive:

The orange and blue streaks surrounding the rising sun give way to puffy white clouds on a bright blue canvas. The clouds move and change all day long, until the reds and oranges of the sunset create a warm, comforting glow on the western horizon.

In summer, the skies at dusk move slowly from pale blue to royal, then to indigo, then black. On a cloudless night, the heavens light up with thousands of twinkling stars, and the pale moon hangs bright and heavy in the sky. On many evenings, ghostly northern lights shimmer and dance to unheard music, inspiring awe and wonder.

Sometimes Saskatchewan’s giant sky is alive:

It starts with a sound off in the distance; was that a duck or a goose calling out? Wait, it sounds like more than one. Within seconds, the first V-shaped flock appears, the hard-working followers forming two giant lines behind a determined leader. Then another flock, then another, each one larger than the last.

As you adjust your focus, you get goose bumps when you realize what you’re seeing. The sky has filled with birds, from directly above to as far as the eye can see. During the spring and fall migrations, both residents and those birds passing through find Saskatchewan’s habitat to be a perfect gathering place or refueling stop.