Saskatchewan has a varied landscape – the north is covered by forest and crystal-clear lakes and the south is made up of golden fields, grasslands, rolling hills and badlands. Appreciate Saskatchewan in all its glory as you discover the natural attractions that make this province so unique and beautiful. In the remote north, one of Saskatchewan’s largest lakes is home to the Athabasca Sand Dunes – billowing sands that stretch for 100 km and are the world’s most northerly dunes. Another geographical wonder can be found in the province’s southwest. The Cypress Hills are an unexpected mountain-like oasis on the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta with an elevation reaching 1,392 m above sea level. Central Saskatchewan – a transition zone from boreal forest to prairie – is home to areas of historical significance, such as the Chief Whitecap Waterway.

*Please note that some of Saskatchewan’s natural wonders are located in protected provincial or national parks, on private land or in ecologically fragile environments. When accessing these areas, be respectful and obey all posted signs, close gates, and pack out what you pack in. As visitors, we are all responsible for conserving these natural attractions.

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