Badlands, Buttes and Boisterous Forest

Southern Saskatchewan's breathtaking landscapes surprise, amaze and inspire. From badlands where dinosaurs once roamed to whispering lodgepole pine forests, the diverse geographic features entice travellers and spark the imagination.

Classic Saskatchewan landscapes and symbols, such as colourful crops or iconic prairie grain elevator, are inspiration to photographers. 

Wheat blowing in the wind and classic prairie skies here in @tourismsask #exploresask #travel

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Saskatchewan is truly the Land of Living Skies.  Day or night, the spectacle is nothing short of astonishing.  For stargazers who want to learn more about the universe, this is the place to be.

Suddenly, the view changes. Buttes peak out from the earth and a rolling hillside transforms the view.  

The beauty of a forested Cypress Hills is enchanting and a glassy Loch Leven is peaceful as can be. 

Sunrise hammock hangs in the pine forests of Cypress Hills Provincial Park in @tourismsask

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Photographers Brendan van Son and Jeff Bartlett recently travelled through southwest Saskatchewan. Check out their Instagram accounts and Jeff's story below for more photos:

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