No Need to "Rough It"

Are you someone who enjoys the outdoors but is not keen on roughing it in the wilderness? Check out these comfy accommodation options: 

Flora Bora Forest Lodging, near Emma Lake

What makes this little getaway so unique is that guests stay in yurts. What is a yurt, you ask? They are circular wooden dwellings that were traditionally covered with felted wool and skins. They were the primary shelters for nomadic herdsman of central Asia for centuries. The yurts available at Flora Bora are much more modern, with full kitchens and bathrooms.

Waters Edge Eco Lodge, Meadow Lake Provincial Park

Relax in luxury on the shores of Greig Lake. If you desire comfortable accommodations, Waters Edge Eco Lodge is an all-season lakeside lodge nestled in the boreal forest. Indulge in a romantic getaway, a weekend with friends or a family vacation.

Forest House Wilderness Lodge, McLennan Lake area

Discover the beauty of northern Saskatchewan at this eco-lodge located approximately 150 km north of Lac La Ronge in the heart of the Canadian Shield. Forest House Wilderness Lodge demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through the use of solar electricity and composting toilets, as well as tending to its gardens. Your stay can be as action-filled or relaxing as you wish. Lounge the day away on the deck enjoying the gorgeous view, take a dip in the lake or hop in a canoe and start exploring.