Exploring the Eastend Badlands

Every dirt road is the start of a new adventure. If you’re not afraid to swerve off the paved path, then consider a scenic drive through the Frenchman River Valley. The loop between Eastend and Ravenscrag showcases the rugged beauty of the area. 

This valley was carved by glaciers many years ago. Steep ravines have been cut into soft shale and sandstone by streams, revealing white mud in the layered hills of the badlands. On your drive, you will pass by the White Mud Pits, which used to be big business for miners in the early part of the twentieth century. It is above this white mud layer that dinosaur bones are found. 

While exploring the valley, be sure to stop and take in the view at Jones Peak. This peak was named after Harold Saunders “Corky” Jones, a local rancher, amateur palaeontologist and historian. Many of Saskatchewan’s stereotypes will be broken while travelling on these roads. Good luck seeing your dog run  away for days in this not-so-flat terrain! 

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