Driving for Dessert: Grain & Pulse Bakery Cafe in Imperial

Grain & Pulse Bakery Cafe is right in the heart of Imperial, located in a charming old house-turned-bakery. It’s a comfortable, relaxed spot, and also the town’s mainstay, known for deliciously crafted desserts, lunch fare and handmade pizza, all with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. 

Oct 07 2021

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5 Easy-to-Reach Natural Wonders

Want to check out some of Saskatchewan’s most amazing landscapes but not expend a lot of effort getting there? Here are five of our favourite “bucket list” natural wonders from different parts of the province that are surprisingly easy to visit.  
Sep 29 2021

Connecting as a Family in the Backcountry at Gem Lakes

Backcountry camping with two kids along the Gem Lakes Trail in Narrow Hills Provincial Park.
Sep 20 2021

From Alpaca Walks to Pumpkin U-Picks – Fun Ways to Spend Fall Days in Saskatchewan

With a change of seasons, comes a change of plans. Time to transition from beach days to the corn maze. Fill your calendar with these fun ways to spend fall days in Saskatchewan. 
Sep 19 2021

A Road Trip to Discover Southeast Saskatchewan’s Unique Landscapes

While this area of the province boasts some of the most varied landscape, it is often overlooked by tourists and locals alike. But it shouldn’t be. 
Sep 09 2021

Art Treasures Uncovered – East Central Saskatchewan

Today the arts are flourishing in the east central area of the province – a treasure hunt for any Saskatchewan road tripper.
Sep 05 2021