Desert Island on the Prairies

In the southwest you will find 1,900 square kilometres of sand dunes. Yes, we are talking southwest Saskatchewan. This area, known as The Great Sandhills, contains one of the largest set of active sand dunes in Canada! Needless to say, we HAD to check them out! 

We arrived at Sceptre and popped into the local Great Sandhills Museum to get our bearings then hit the road again. To access the dunes you need to take a gravel/dirt road that is impassible if wet. This stretch of road is also leased by local ranchers who use the land as summer pasture for their cattle, so slow down and watch for cows!

When you arrive at the dunes there is a parking lot and trail signage, so you can plan our your trek. Aside from the scenic dunes, make sure you check out "Boot Hill". The cowboy boot arbor was made by a local farmer who has passed and it makes for a great photo opportunity.

There’s nothing like the feeling of soft sand between your toes and you don’t have to go to the beach to experience it, you only have to head towards Sceptre!

Directions: Access to the active dunes is located by taking the first grid road E of Sceptre off Hwy 32, then approximately 22 km S to Great Sandhills. Watch for signs and parking lot.

Author: Alex Cunningham, Tourism Saskatchewan

AlexDigital Marketing Specialist with Tourism Saskatchewan. She is a wanderlust sufferer, lover of the outdoors, adventure chaser and prairie girl through and through.

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