Historical Family Fun

Batoche National Historic Site

Journey back in time to the 19th century and learn about Métis settlers who lived on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. Find out the history of the 1885 Northwest Resistance and how a traditional way of life changed forever as a new country began to form. On site you can see the bullet holes from the final battle and imagine how things were as men gathered on both sides of the river in preparation for battle.   

Fort Battleford National Historic Site

Uncover the role of Fort Battleford in the 1885 Northwest Resistance. Discover the stories of the North-West Mounted Police, First Nations, Métis and settlers in these difficult times. Explore five original buildings and immerse yourself in this historic.

Fort Walsh National Historic Site 

Step back in time to the 1870s and see what life was like on a working fort in the lawless time of rotgut whiskey runners. Learn about the history of Canada’s part in the aftermath of the Battle of Little Big Horn. As you explore the site, imagine the scarlet serge-clad North West Mounted Police marching on parade, hear Métis legends handed down through generations and learn traditional crafts and skills.  

Motherwell National Historic Site

As the 19th century closed, a stream of pioneer-farmers moved west from Ontario, seeking a new life on the prairies. Early Saskatchewan settler, W.R. Motherwell became a community leader whose passion for scientific farming methods took him all the way to parliament as Minister of Agriculture. At Motherwell National Historic Site you can live a day in the life of a prairie farmer in the.