Ask the Locals: Top 5 Ice Fishing Spots in Saskatchewan

Once the lakes and rivers across Saskatchewan freeze, communities of ice fishing shacks pop up. Winter in Saskatchewan offers outdoor enthusiasts countless adventures, including fabulous ice fishing. Fish tend to be on a feeding frenzy around this time. With the right bait, you can catch walleye aplenty. Northern pike, perch, whitefish, lake trout, and burbot can also be easily caught in winter.

Just ask the locals. They know where the fish are biting.

Here are five lakes and areas that are favourite ice fishing spots.

Tobin Lake
Photo by IG | @the_saskatchewan_woodsman

Tobin Lake

What the locals say about Tobin Lake:

“Tobin Lake holds the world ice fishing walleye record with an 18.3-lb. walleye caught! Avid anglers will also enjoy the many other species the lake is home to including perch, pike, burbot, whitefish and goldeye. As the lake’s primary inflows and outflows are the Saskatchewan River, you might even be lucky enough to catch a sturgeon. Tobin Lake is home to some of the largest money walleye tournaments in the country.” – IG @pro_crush_angling

“The Saskatchewan River-fed reservoir continues to produce trophy fish due to great catch and release practices. The honest chance of a world-record catch keeps us coming back. With several quality resorts on the lake, there are endless options to set up camp and explore new locations.” – IG @sonnyanderson1

Last Mountain Lake
Photo by IG | @pro_crush_angling

Last Mountain Lake

What the locals say about Last Mountain Lake:

“Ice fishing at Last Mountain Lake continues to exceed our expectations as we strive to become better anglers. The immense size of the southern lake, along with a massive population of forage, has led to trophy-sized walleye, pike, perch and carp. With such healthy populations of fish, there is always a new spot to try!” – IG @calenauckland

“Many might agree that Last Mountain Lake is the favourite spot for ice fishing. Considering the sheer size (93 km long), the potential fishing spots seem almost endless. Combined with the fact that this lake is in our own backyard and our target species is walleye, big ones at that, means we are fishing hard from the time we can find that first safe ice until after the New Year. It’s another good spot if you’re trying to beat your personal best.” – IG @pro_crush_angling

Lake Diefenbaker
Photo by IG | @gregkruesel

Lake Diefenbaker

What the locals say about Lake Diefenbaker:

“Exceptional quality fish here! It seems like every time you fish Lake Diefenbaker, whether it’s through the ice or in the warmer months, you have the chance to catch a personal best in more than one category. Lake Diefenbaker is always good for a challenge.” – IG @pro_crush_angling

“With its vast shorelines and almost unlimited fishing spots, Lake Diefenbaker has a drive-to fishing location for almost every angler preference and species type. It is also the lake of living legends and you never know what you might hook up to at any given moment!” – IG @jrdyg11

Buffalo Pound Lake
Photo by IG | @upland_hunter13

Buffalo Pound Lake

What the locals say about Buffalo Pound Lake:
“The perch fishing in this lake is exceptional. Chances are, kids will be leaving with a big smile on their faces from all of the fish they are able to reel in. Plus, every once in a while, a nice walleye will come through the hole and surprise you. Another bonus, Buffalo Pound always seems to have consistently safe ice.” – IG @pro_crush_angling

Pasqua Lake
Photo by IG | @jordodk

Qu’Appelle Lakes (Pasqua, Echo, Mission and Katepwa) 

What the locals say about the Qu’Appelle Lakes:
“Recently, we have started to expand our ice fishing locations to include the beautiful Qu’Appelle lakes and we have not been disappointed! These small lakes are extremely accessible and provide a great option for anglers of all skill levels. Don’t let their small size fool you…the fish in these lakes have large appetites.” – IG @wallofwalters_fishco

With a three-month season (mid-December to mid-March) and an abundance of great fishing lakes across Saskatchewan, opportunities for winter anglers to get out on the ice are countless. Always check weather and ice conditions beforehand.

Where are your favourite places to ice fish?


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