5 Places Without Cell Phone Service

Technology has become a huge part of our lives, but sometimes it distracts and prevents us from slowing down. Our fans have shared with us why they love Saskatchewan and some of their favourite places that makes Saskatchewan a perfect place to adventure off the main roads, look for spotty cell phone coverage, take a moment to disconnect and experience quiet, beautiful spaces.

You have the opportunity to find serenity and tranquility when you leave the city. The wide-open spaces, spectacular skies, lakes, and quiet times surrounded by nature refreshes the soul.” - Doreen

Here are five places in Saskatchewan where you’ll be grateful to have no cell service.


1. On the open plain where there is nothing to block the view (including cell phone towers)

 “I am from Germany and here for almost three years. Many people say:" Really... Saskatchewan???" I enjoy every single day when I get up in the morning and see nothing and everything, wide-open land, peace and silence. Not many people in the world are blessed like me. And I love the winter, too!” - Claudia 

Other fans agree…

“Sunsets, waving fields, the freedom you feel when looking out on an unobstructed view” - Bonnie

“Big skies. Vibrant colours. Miles and miles of peaceful serenity.” – Marcia

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2. In the remote hills and deep valleys of the south

“The Big Muddy Valley is one of my favourite places. Love Castle Butte. If you have not yet witnessed it first hand, please do so.” – Dave

“The history, vastness, a sense of what it took and takes to make a living in the Prairies. Really nice people who give you such good knowledge of the area.” - Faye

“The Frenchman River Valley is stunning; it's one of the province's (if not Canada's) best-kept secrets. I live in the town of Eastend, which is in the valley itself. The Town's motto is 'Valley of Hidden Secrets', which I love because it is so true. I take photographs year-round, but I love the winter in particular because it is so unique. The light and the landscapes do things you seldom see anywhere else in the world. I have an office window that faces east and most winter mornings, I watch the sunrise over the valley. It's often the highlight of my day” – Emily

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3.Sitting around a fire in a non-electric, quiet, peaceful and secluded camping spot.

“Beautiful pine forests and terrific camping facilities. Hiking trails and impressive vistas from the park towards the north.” – Kerry

Sturgeon-weir River is gorgeous, quiet peaceful (with) amazing camping with wild roses everywhere … It’s gorgeous with huge rocky terrain.” – Moreen

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4. On the perfectly still water returning back to camp in the twilight of a perfect day on a northern lake.

“You can still find a lake and be the only one on it” - Darcy

“We have one outpost we visit from Slim's Cabins base camp - heading about 30 minutes by boat to a little place called Scotties Beach. Our cell phone coverage is pretty much nil. It's a gorgeous part of the world up there. ” – Bobbe

“Jan Lake. Wonderful lake to explore full of rocky islands and hungry fish. Great people and no cell service.  Got to love it” – Russell

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5. On the back of a horse watching a spectacular sunset.

“You see so much more when technology is out of the view.....!!!!” – Michael 

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