Going Local: Prince Albert National Park

Prince Albert National Park was explored by five local Instagrammers in August. Photos from their travels are posted below. 

Follow along as they share their stories and love of our province on: http://bit.ly/2g1133v 

Road Trip 1 – Prince Albert National Park
Alijabos: www.instagram.com/alijabos
Anothernate: www.instagram.com/anothernate 
Ragnarrobinson: www.instagram.com/ragnarrobinson
Thatishbray: www.instagram.com/bray.elliott
Saskatchewanderer: www.instagram.com/saskatchewanderer

Author: Carla Young, Tourism Saskatchewan

CarlaDigital Marketing Specialist with Tourism Saskatchewan. She is an animal lover, traveler and wannabe professional dog walker. 

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