New Eyes and a Fresh Perspective

Julia Buckingham was born and raised in Regina and moved away a few years ago to pursue photography school in Vancouver, BC. Lucas Besth is from Ladner, BC, a small farming and fisheries town in the very southwest corner of Canada. When their paths crossed and their relationship grew, so did their mutual passion for the art of photography.

As Julia’s studies ended, she was looking to turn the knowledge she had gained into a career. At the same time, Lucas was interested in a career change and photography had become more than just a hobby. Together they moved to Saskatchewan in January of 2016. 

Julia and Lucas landed in Regina with a new vision and renewed take the prairie province. Older, with a better understanding of the world around her, and a newly trained photographic eye, Julia wanted to explore the land she had left behind in a new light. As an avid adventurer, Lucas knew that such a diverse landscape must have many new adventures to offer. 

Within the first couple months they set out to visit parks, find wildlife and search for the best sights Saskatchewan has to offer. They would hop in their adventure mobile and away they’d go; camera in hand, with open roads and unseen lands ahead. For them, there’s nothing quite like turning a corner you’ve never turned before.

From the endless sunflower fields in the prairie, to the heights of Castle Butte in the Big Muddy Valley, wide-open sand hills of Douglas Provincial Park and the Great Sand Hills, grazing bison of Grasslands National Park, misty mornings in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, and the winding roads of Prince Albert National Park…they went local.

As Julia and Lucas say, “Saskatchewan is home to some of the friendliest, welcoming people Canada has to offer. There are endless open roads, sunsets to chase, people to meet and adventures to take. Let Saskatchewan surprise you like it has surprised us, day after day.” So, grab a friend, spouse or neighbour and go for a drive. Join them in Going Local and find a new Saskatchewan adventure! 

Authors: Julia Buckingham & Lucas Besth, owners JL Photo 

Going Local JL Photo owners Lucas & Julia, are two Regina based wedding, portraiture, lifestyle and landscape photographers. Their profession takes them across Saskatchewan capturing people and places of all kinds.

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