Grasslands National Park - Exploring the East Block

Grasslands National Park – Exploring the East Block

Canadian poet Lorna Crozier described Grasslands National Park as a “sanctuary of silence, one of the last on the planet. Under the wind, under our heartbeats, we hear the earth breathing.”

Spanning more than 900 sq. km, the park is split into two blocks, each with a distinct personality. The East Block bares a gritty, rugged character with infinite stories of prehistoric life on the planet. Its Rock Creek Badlands yield a treasure trove of fossils and adventures. Here are some activities offered in the East Block this season.

Grasslands national Park East Block



Several trails provide choices for exploring the East Block on foot or horseback (equestrian camping is available). The 2-km Rock Creek Trail is an easy hike that leads to a panoramic view of the surrounding grasslands. Early morning hikes along the 750-m Creek to Peak Trail offer a spectacular view of the badlands bathed in the colours of dawn. Advanced, well-prepared hikers opt for the 6-km one-way Valley of 1,000 Devils route or 8-km one-way Red Butte Route.

The self-guided Badlands Parkway driving tour is an 11-km paved route. Six viewpoints along the way feature some of the most breathtaking vistas in Saskatchewan. 


Beyond the Big Dipper 

A designated Dark Sky Preserve, Grasslands National Park has the perfect conditions for viewing the night sky. Join Royal Astronomical Society astronomers for an entertaining evening of stargazing and more.

Grasslands National Park East Block


Fireside Chats

A popular evening offering, Fireside Chats bring park visitors together to enjoy good company, campfire snacks and stories and songs inspired by the surroundings.

Grasslands national Park East Block


Lakota Legends

Lakota Legends is a Friday afternoon storytelling session with Lakota First Nations artist Kim Soo Goodtrack, who retells legends and illustrates them as she speaks. Afterward, participants create their own artworks inspired by Lakota design.