55° North

55.6034° N, 104.7734° W to be exact, these are the coordinates of Missinipe. The small 39 person settlement is located 80km north of La Ronge in the boreal forests of north-central Saskatchewan. Missinipe lives up to it’s local first nation tongue translation, ‘Big Water’, and acts as a hub for several fishing and outdoor adventure companies in the surrounding area.

float plane

A short ten minute float plane or thirty minute boat ride east of Missinipe is Twin Falls Lodge, nestled in a bay on the Churchill River next to the waterfalls it’s named after, Twin Falls. The lodge has eight private cabins, four of which are brand new and are incredibly comfortable given it’s remote location. Known for the plentiful fishing in the area, most overlook one of the best activities, canoeing. It’s a paddlers dream up here with direct access to the Churchill River and a few multi-night trip options.

Twin Falls Lodge

Waking up to the smell of a home cooked breakfast and coffee prepared daily to fuel a day of adventure out on the water is a treat. Lunch is packed or served in the lodge depending on your itinerary for the day, and dinner is a family style feast in the evening, the perfect way to wind down and share stories. If there aren’t enough stories to fill the room, there will be plenty from lodge manager Randy and his wife who will make you feel like you're part of the family there.

Twin Falls

The days are long up in Northern Saskatchewan during the Summer, allowing you to stay out for hours on end exploring the waterways, portage to other lakes or down the Churchill. Guided tours by local first nations are available to Stanley Mission and the awe-inspiring Nistowiak Falls, telling tales of their ancestors and sharing traditions passed down through generations.


The days end with the most jaw-dropping sunsets late in the evening. A sense of calm is cast over the water as it mirrors the pinks and orange hues in the sky, signalling the end to a perfect day in Northern Saskatchewan and time to retire to a warm cozy cabin to get some rest.


Author: Callum Snape, photographer and story teller

A self-taught photographer, visual content creator and destination content marketer from Vancouver, BC, Callum is a notable figure in the outdoor industry within Canada. He is known for his adventurous spirit and for pursuing remote locations on foot or by kayak.

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