Cross-Country Skiing in Meadow Lake Provincial Park

Itching to get skiing this winter? We found the perfect trails for you in Meadow Lake Provincial Park. Hay Meadow Trail is a 4.8 km cross-country ski trail that is adapted for hiking use in the summer. 

Meadow Lake Ski Trail

A trembling aspen forest surrounds you as you breeze down this groomed trail that’s found along Greig Lake. We are definitely amateur skiers - the hilly areas along this trail simultaneously tested our lack of endurance and fired up a child-like spirit.

Meadow Lake Ski Trail

It took us approximately 2 hours to complete the trail loop, don’t judge. We took one quick breather and relaxed as we enjoyed a picnic lunch. 

Meadow Lake Provincial Park Ski Trail

All in all this is a great trail for beginners, but the scenery is sure to draw out the pros as well. 

Author: Alex Cunningham, Tourism Saskatchewan

AlexDigital Marketing Specialist with Tourism Saskatchewan. She is a wanderlust sufferer, lover of the outdoors, adventure chaser and prairie girl through and through.

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