100,000 Lakes or 100,000 Outdoor Rinks, Depends on the Season

There’s just something about skating on a lake! I’m not sure if it’s the wide open space, the fresh crisp air, the sound of your skates edging into the ice or a combo of all three. It’s funny how something as simple as skating on a lake can make you feel rejuvenated. 

Meadow Lake Provincial Park Winter

Lakes in Saskatchewan are not in short supply. There are nearly 100,000 of them just waiting to be skated on. It doesn’t take too much to scrape off a patch and get going, you won’t regret it. Even if you head to a lake that you frequent in the summer the view from your skates gives you a whole new perspective on the area. 

Meadow Lake Provincial Park Winter

So, if you’re looking for a way to fully enjoy winter, get outside and strap on some skates (of course, check the ice first…wouldn’t want you going for a polar dip).

Meadow Lake Provincial Park Winter
Author: Alex Cunningham, Tourism Saskatchewan

AlexDigital Marketing Specialist with Tourism Saskatchewan. She is a wanderlust sufferer, lover of the outdoors, adventure chaser and prairie girl through and through.

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