5 Reasons to Love Saskatchewan Winter

When friends and family are settling in for a winter weekend at home, you’re itching to get out and feel the (cold, cold) air on your face. Here are five activities to make you fall in love with Saskatchewan winters.


1. Ice Fishing

That’s right: putting up a hut or a high-tech tent in the middle of a frozen lake and drilling a hole in the ice is a lot of fun. Maybe you’ll catch a record-breaking walleye from Tobin Lake. Whatever happens, you’ll have an amazing time with friends. Get out there while the ice is thick.

2. Dog Sledding

Go off-roading with a pack of dogs pulling you swiftly and silently through the boreal forest. Get to know your sled dogs and experience winter in a whole new way. Sundogs Excursions offers afternoon trips and overnight excursions around Anglin Lake, Great Blue Heron Provincial Park and Prince Albert National Park.

3. Watching the Bright Lights

Catching the aurora borealis in full swing is the definition of a bucket list experience. On a clear winter night, belts of green and purple ripple and shift across the sky. Drive away from the city lights and watch the sky light up.

4. Skiing

Saskatchewan’s parks are laced with cross-country ski trails. Try skiing the Boreal Trail in Meadow Lake Provincial Park, or explore Duck Mountain Provincial Park on skis.

5. Lodge Living

Snow and frost can’t stop Saskatchewan’s four-season resorts. The outdoor skating rink and ski trails around Elk Ridge Resort will warm you up before an evening spent dining and relaxing with friends and family. At Water’s Edge Eco-Lodge at Greig Lake, spend the day snowshoeing and warm up in front of the fire after supper.